FORT WORTH (KRLD) – A major provider of workers compensation insurance in the state of Texas has developed an app in which users get killed on a job and live to tell about it.
“Despite the fact that people have been shown videos and have been given fliers and handouts, we’ve just not moved the needle on workplace safety on avoiding people dying from these types of very serious events and things that are often preventable,” says Jeremiah Bentley, vice president of marketing and customer engagement at Texas Mutual Insurance Company.
So with jobsite safety continuing to be a factor in Texas, the company has created a virtual reality tool called “Safety In A Box,” in which users experience death on the jobsite first-hand.
Bentley says the app simulates the four most common types of catastrophic jobsite accidents — trench cave-ins, falls from heights, electrocutions and being hit by objects.
“They’re down in a trench that’s unshored, and the trench caves in on top of them,” says Bentley. “They’re on top of a building and not tied off and they fall off the top of the building.”
The app was unveiled at the Work Safe Texas summit in Fort Worth.
Bentley says the goal is to get users to be more pro-active in following safety procedures on the jobsite.
“You have the opportunity to live through it and to learn from it,” Bentley says, “and hopefully if you’re ever in that situation in the real world, you’ll remember what’s happened and you’ll avoid it.”
Click here to download the free app on iPhone or Android.