DALLAS (CBS11) – President Donald Trump called the Supreme Court’s decision on his temporary travel ban, “A clear victory for our national security.”

The ACLU wasn’t impressed. “Hardly. In fact the court handed the government a sweeping, but no complete, defeat,” the ACLU said in a statement.

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The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to enforce most of its 90-day ban on travelers from six mostly Muslim nations, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Syria.

President Trump has said the travel ban is necessary because it needs more time to screen applicants from these countries.

But Justices said that a group of travelers from these nations “with a credible claim of a bonafide relationship with a person or entity in the United States” are still allowed to be in the U.S.

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Aside from this, the Justices will still hear arguments in this case in October.

Nabil Kalo, a Syrian refugee who moved to Dallas three years ago, says people like him just want to live in a safe place and peace. “When I come here, I came here because the circumstances in our country are very bad. So what happened in Syria is a humanitarian disaster.”

Cathie Adams, a member of the conservative group Eagle Forum, cheered the ruling. “I think President Trump is interested in the people, whether they be liberal or conservative, he is interested in protecting American citizens and I think that is at the heart of this, and I think it has nothing to do with religion.”

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In a statement, Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, “The fact that the decision was unanimous – joined by even the Justices appointed by President Obama – shows how utterly lawless the lower-court injunctions were. I wish the court would have gone even further and reinstated the executive order in its entirety, but this is a good start.”