Courtney Johnson (CBS11)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald terminated the officer who was indicted and tried in a case involving a shotgun injury to a man in 2015.

In May, a jury failed to reach a verdict in Courtney Johnson’s the case and it ended in a mistrial.

District Attorney Sharen Wilson said her office would not retry Courtney Johnson on the aggravated assault charges.

The chief began the internal discipline review after that announcement. He said he met with the officer earlier Tuesday.

“At the end of the day, my decision is about safety, security, and community confidence in our officers,” said Chief Fitzgerald. “Johnson made the wrong decision, and he could have killed Craigory Adams. It’s important to note that Mr. Adams had knelt and dropped the barbecue fork he was holding, and was compliant at the time he was wounded.”

Chief Fitzgerald said the decision was appropriate, reinforcing that “the department’s training prepares officers to be cautious and prepared to confront tense, emotional, and uncertain situations.”

“That’s the moment when a Fort Worth officer needs to depend on their training and preparation, said Fitzgerald. “His inappropriate use of force did not reflect that training.”

The decision is effective immediately although the officer can appeal the decision to the Civil Service Commission.

“For community policing to work,” said Fitzgerald, “we must have the public’s trust and support especially in officer decision-making. This finding is best for our citizens and the police department.”