CBS Local– The summer months are a popular time to plan a getaway. Many may have noticed this based on the proliferation of vacation photos on their preferred social media feed, but as you may know, people don’t always enjoy seeing others’ vacation photos on social media.

According to a study conducted by Aviva — A U.K.-based insurance company — of 2,000 people polled, an overwhelming majority (73 percent) are annoyed when they see others’ vacation photos on social media.

The most irritating pose? The “hot dogs or legs?” beach/poolside picture and caption.

“A holiday is, for many, a time to switch-off and have a rest but it would seem that taking a break doesn’t apply to social media,” said Adam Beckett, Propositions Director, via Aviva. “Now, we’re sharing our holiday memories as soon as they happen, and with a much wider circle of friends and family.”

The company’s poll also revealed some hypocrisy among their participants as 77 percent say they post vacation pictures themselves. Nearly half do it to keep family and friends in the loop while 21 percent admit to doing it to show off where they are.

The study also noted that posting vacation photos in real time can also be dangerous as updates can make you an easy target for potential burglars and reveal when a house is unoccupied.

“Posting pictures and checking-in on social media while away could potentially leave a home vulnerable to thieves,” Beckett said. “The best time to post holiday pictures to social media is when you’re back home. If you really can’t wait to share, then at least make sure you’re only posting to a closed circle of trusted friends and family.”