DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Texas Attorney General’s Office will assist Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson in her ongoing investigation into allegations of widespread voter fraud in Dallas County precincts.

At a news conference at the Frank Crowley Courts Building, Attorney General Paxton told reporters that District Attorney Johnson requested help from the attorney general’s office as she expands the scope of her investigation into voter fraud allegations.

During the news conference, Attorney General Paxton emphasized the importance of making sure election results accurately reflect the will of Texas voters.

“Nothing is more sacred to our democracy than the integrity of our voting process,” Attorney General Paxton said. “Recently, there have been too many questions raised about elections in Dallas County. I am honored today that District Attorney Johnson has invited my office to assist in their investigation, and we will do everything within our resources and abilities to solidify trust in every election here and around the state.”

District Attorney Johnson said assistance from the attorney general’s office will enable her office to broaden and deepen their voter fraud investigation.

“I am very proud of the dedication and in-depth work my prosecutors here at the Dallas County DA’s office have and will continue to do as we conduct this investigation on voter fraud in Dallas County,” Johnson said. “I want every voter to believe in the system, and I want them to know that their vote actually counts. We are committed safeguard the voters and safeguard their vote here in Dallas County. I want to thank Attorney General Paxton for lending his staff. We had an opportunity to sit down and I am so excited that he is willing to come and assist us as we continue to do the work we are doing here in Dallas County as it relates to what we consider corruption in this area of voter fraud. I am confident that he and his investigative and prosecutorial units are committed to assisting us, committed to helping us deal with this issue. And get to the bottom of what’s happening here in Dallas County as they have done so in other areas in Texas.” Judge Johnson said, adding, “We believe as they assist us, that we will be able to restore faith in our electoral process, here in Dallas County.”

Neither Johnson nor Paxton took questions from reporters at the news conference.