ARLINGTON (CBS11) – Shot and killed over road rage, Arlington Police said on Thursday they now know the car they believed is involved.

APD said it is looking for the driver of a black BMW car.

Investigators said security camera footage appears to show the car following the victim, Dylan Spaid, shortly before the shooting on Sunday night.

Dylan Spaid (credit: Spaid Family)

Kristina Huggins, 19, was sitting next to her boyfriend when he was shot in the head while he drove along I-20.

“I saw him and I turned around and I heard a gunshot,” said Huggins. “He just kept bleeding and I couldn’t do anything.”

Kristina Huggins – Dylan Spaid’s girlfriend (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

Huggins managed to unbuckle and steer the white pickup truck from the passenger seat off the highway.

“I had to do something because I could have killed myself or other people If I didn’t get control of the wheel,” said Huggins.

She crashed into a National Tire and Battery sign near Matlock Road.

By the time an ambulance arrived, it was too late for Spaid.

“I know it’s not my fault, I definitely know that,” said Huggins. “I just wish I could have done more.”

Huggins walked away with a large cut and several stitches. Doctors told her a mark will likely be on her forehead for her entire life.

“I don’t mind having it because it will remind me that he died with somebody he loved and he was happy,” said Huggins.

Her focus on is on finding who’s responsible for changing her life.

“It still scares me that he’s still out there and he can hurt anyone,” said Huggins.

Arlington Police believe it was the driver of the BMW who pulled the trigger shortly after hand gestures were exchanged between drivers.

“In no circumstance should violence ever rise to this level,” said Lt. Chris Cook with Arlington Police.

Cook believes there was also a passenger in the BMW who saw the entire ordeal.

“I understand that they’re scared, but if they really have a good heart in them, they will come forward,” said Huggins.

Police do not believe the shooting is connected to any other of the road rage attacks.

Investigators are sending pictures to the FBI and Secret Service to see if the agencies can identify a plate number.

Friend of the family have also set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral costs.

Spaid’s funeral is on July 9, at 2:30 p.m. at Restland Memorial in Dallas.