ARLINGTON (CBS11) – The Arlington Fire Department saw its emergency call numbers triple on the Fourth of July, as 200 fireworks calls flooded the 911 center on Tuesday.

The number was 550 during the entire holiday weekend.

One of the calls came from the South Arlington neighborhood where Cameron Moore lives.

” I feel like, especially with all the trees and all the houses, I feel like it could be a danger,” Moore said. “I mean so far it hasn’t thankfully. But I feel like it could be.”

The charred, paper and plastic debris of a July Fourth fireworks barrage littered Moore’s street on July 5 and he says the fireworks explosions continued through the night.

“Considering it was in the city limits, I was really surprised,” said Moore.

A list of Arlington Fire Department calls shows several fireworks calls for each other type of emergency call.

“It’s just address, address, address for sure,” said Arlington Fire spokesman Lt. David Tyler. “It’s just one long list. And you just take it in time and try to get as many as you can to help people out.”

Arlington has evolved the system to try to deal with the overload including moving crews to different equipment.

“We move some guys off some other response apparatus and put them on brush trucks which are easier to use if we were fighting grass fires related to fireworks,” Tyler said.

They also brace crews for very long nights.

“We run several calls all throughout the day and then nighttime you are pretty much up the entire night long,” Tyler said. “The frustrating part of it is that we can’t get to them all and stop them all.”

Emergency calls, including several major car crash is the Fourth of July night take priority, meaning some fireworks calls have to be a delayed response.

“We tried to get to them all,” Tyler said. “Sometimes you can’t get to them in time before the show is over.”