DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – While the bill to eliminate vehicle inspections died in the Texas Legislature, lawmakers in Dallas County are taking action.

On Wednesday the Commissioner’s Court voted to reduce the vehicle registration fee in Dallas County by $6.

According to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, the fee was meant to fund the Clean Air Task Force, which cracks down on counterfeit motor vehicle inspections, and provide funding to operate the “Cash for Clunkers” program.

While Dallas and 15 other counties across the state collected the fee to run the programs, the state has been taking some $30 million of Dallas County’s share.

In a press release statement Judge Jenkins said, in part, “The State isn’t using the money for the environment; rather, they are keeping it to balance their budget. Governor Abbott vetoed funding for this clean air program in the upcoming biennial budget and has not supported legislation that stops the misappropriation.”

Texas is one of less then 20 U.S. states that still require yearly safety inspections that test for things like properly-working horns, brakes and brake lights, headlights and seat belts.