BENBROOK (CBSDFW.COM) — A Benbrook family is sharing their story of the terrifying moments when they nearly lost their 2-year old in a near drowning.

The White family says they were celebrating the Fourth of July weekend at a lake house near Eagle Mountain lake with friends when 2-year-old Owen slipped away and was in a pool.

“When I looked out the window that’s when I saw him floating face down in the pool,” the boy’s mother Laura White.

By the time she ran outside, another woman had already pulled the child out of the water.

Laura began called for her husband and began CPR. He’s a battalion fire chief at DFW airport, and his mother is a physician’s assistant. Both are CPR trained and quickly put their skills to use.

“I made my way down the hill and saw my wife doing CPR on Owen, and when I looked at him and his color… his belly was bloated,” said Daniel White.

After a few moments Owen began breathing again much to the relief of the parents. Now they are telling their stories in hopes that other parents will learn CPR and prepare themselves incase they ever need it.

Mr. White added, “If and when you need it. It would be worth every second that you prepare for.”

Little Owen is as vibrant as ever these days. His family says they saved his swim shorts from that day to later remind him and tell him about the day his parent’s saved his life.

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