DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Residents in a North Dallas neighborhood are on alert after finding meatballs in their backyards stuffed with glass.

The wads of raw meat were spotted in a neighborhood near 75 and Meadow Road.

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Who would make dangerous dog treats like this? Police are trying to find out. (photo credit: CBS11 News)

“I just started crying because all I could think about was if my dogs had gotten ahold of it,” said Cathi Holtsclaw, who found the meat speckled with shards of glass in her backyard.

On two different occasions, Holtzclaw found the potentially deadly meatballs.

“I just get sick to my stomach,” said Holtzclaw. “They’re my children.”

Holtzclaw thought maybe it was by accident or the meat was left out for coyotes or bobcats. But after finding the glass-filled meat twice in her backyard, her mind has changed.

Cathi Holtsclaw relaxes with her two fur babies in the Meadows neighborhood of Dallas. (photo credit: CBS11 News)

“I feel very confident that it’s deliberate now,” said Holtzclaw. “I’m worried my dogs are going to die or someone else’s dogs are going to die.”

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The tainted treats were also discovered by a neighbor next door to Holtzclaw.

“That seems like a lot of work and it’s really bizarre,” said Paul Burkhalter, who also found some glass-filled meatballs.

Burkhalter discovered two different meatballs full of glass and he does not know why anyone would put them in his backyard.

“These dogs are wonderful dogs and parts of people’s families,” said Burkhalter.

Both pet owners admit their dogs bark from time-to-time, but it is never constant and no one has ever complained or reported their animals.

“If this is a neighbor and you’ve got an issue, why don’t you come talk to us about it? Why do something like this? I don’t understand it,” said Holtzclaw.

Both neighbors are worried who is next and when.

“Why? Why do you want to kill these dogs?” questioned Holtzclaw.

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Dallas Police are now investigating so that they can answer that disturbing question.