by MaryAnn Martinez | CBS11

ARLINGTON (CBS11) – A Mansfield man who says he was the victim of road rage wants to know why the aggressive driver got away without any punishment.

The man, who asked not to be identified other than by the name, Joe, said he feared for his safety after a confrontation with another driver near SH 360 and Watson Road in Arlington last Friday, July 14.

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“He started coming from the right lane and was going to hit my car,” said Joe. “I guess he didn’t see me there. So I gave a little courtesy honk.”

Joe said the driver of the pickup slammed on his brakes, got out of the truck – stopping traffic – and stood in front of Joe’s SUV.

Joe said he didn’t drive away, fearing he would hit the man or the woman who was with him, who was also standing in front of his car.

“That’s when he started beating on my hood and he came over to my door and tried to open my door,” said Joe.

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He called 911, asking for officers to be sent over.

Arlington Police said both drivers left before officers got there..

Later in the day, Joe met up with an Arlington police officer to file a report.

Even though he had a picture of the driver and his plates, Joe said police told him they couldn’t press charges because there was no damage to his car and because he wasn’t injured.

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“If you know who the guy is and you can get him, it needs to be a little bit more pressing when we have people getting sot and killed because of road rage,” said Joe.