ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – The mother at the center of a controversial Arlington police arrest video says she is now being forced from her home.

Latasha Nelson received the eviction notice on her door at the Addison Park apartment complex last week. The notice cited a violation of contract and specifically mentioned the arrest of her two teenage sons and “criminal activity” as the reasons for the eviction.

Kim T. Cole, the lawyer representing the family, had said Nelson would fight the order, but as of Thursday afternoon Cole says the eviction stands.

Nelson is the mother who shot cell phone video as Arlington police took her 14-year-old son into custody. She asked the officer where he was taking her son, but didn’t get an answer. Soon after another one of her sons is seen being taken to the ground by the officer — for allegedly brushing against him.

The 14-year-old is facing a burglary of a vehicle charge and the 16-year-old is charged with interfering with an arrest.


Nelson says she went home from a meeting with Arlington police to discuss the arrest video only to find the eviction notice notifying her that she must vacate the premises on or before midnight July 20.

While the notice cites an alleged car break in and the arrest of her sons as the reason for the eviction, Cole says the action is illegal because both the teens are charged with – not convicted — misdemeanor crimes. “No one has been charged with a felony, and so this is absolutely unlawful,” she said last week. “Legality aside… it’s cold.”

Representatives with the Addison Park apartments declined to comment about the eviction.

Meanwhile, Arlington police say they are conducting a full review of the events that lead to the arrest of the teens. Wednesday night a rally, spearheaded by the Next Generation Action Network, was held on the steps of Arlington City Hall.

Addressing the media Nelson said, “Something has to be done. I mean, officers just cannot get away with doing this to all of our kids. It’s horrible to think that they are… they think that they are above the law in itself when actually they are the law, so it’s difficult. Who do you trust?”

The officer in the video, Chad Haning, remains on duty and is under review.