By Gilma Avalos

SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW) – When you think of Jazzercise you might think leotards, leg warmers and lamé, but today, the aerobics craze of the 80s, has a very different look.

Mesh leggings have replaced those leg warmers, and a new generation now moves to Pitbull and Bruno Mars hits.

“It’s not like those 80s workout videos that you’re thinking of,” insists Jenna Reid, 18.

“It’s modern and fun,” Reid says.

Southlake Jazzercise studio owner Adrienne Menichini says fun is what has kept the workout relevant decades later.

“If you don’t love your workout, you’re not going to do it. You will never get bored with jazzercise,” she says.

In 2017, women of all ages work up a sweat during classes that combine strength training, dance cardio and HIIT.

“Nine, 99, nine months pregnant–everybody’s here and everyone has their own version that they can do,” exclaims associate instructor Chelsea Gaulden.

With its GirlForce initiative, Jazzercise is attracting a new generation. Through the end of the year, 16 to 21-year-olds work out for free at franchises all over North Texas, the U.S and the world.

“Show up 10 minutes early, fill out our health form and jump in,” says Menichini.

The program hopes to empower young women by providing a space where they can be active and learn healthy habits.

A study published in Preventative Medicine found that 75 percent of teenaged girls were not getting the recommended daily hour of exercise.

But Reid is moving; having attended more than a dozen free classes.

“I actually heard about this from my friend and I said ‘no way this is free’,” she says.

Another teen swears by the classes.

“This is a great community where girls are empowering each other. It doesn’t matter what age [they are],” says Brittany Wang, who first started coming to Jazzercise with her mom.

This new generation of Jazzercizers weren’t even born when founder Judi Sheppard Misset franchised her famous moves. But long after the aerobics fitness craze of the 80s, Misset’s moves are still kicking butt.

If these new recruits are any indication, Jazzercise is here to stay.

“I hope I can do jazzercise for the next 50 years!,” Wang says.

More than 150 teens and young women have already signed up for free Jazzercise classes at the Southlake location.

Young woman interested in the free classes can inquire at more than 100 Jazzercise locations in Texas.