toilet paper wedding dresses (CBS Newspath)

NEW YORK, New York (CBSDFW.COM) – New York City played host to the final runway event for the annual toilet paper wedding dress contest.

Ten finalists from around the country vied for the top prize.

The rules are simple:  Each contestant must create a wearable wedding dress and headpiece made from toilet paper, glue, tape and/or needle and thread.

This year’s competition had more than 1,500 entries.

toilet paper wedding dresses (CBS Newspath)

Top prize went to Kari Curletto from Las Vegas.

Her dress named Quilted Enhancement was made of Elmer’s glue, glitter glue, spray adhesive, fabric glue, athletic tape, sports tape, clear and brown packing tape and 21 rolls of toilet paper.

This was Kari’s first time to enter the contest.