UPDATE – Thursday, July 27:  Mesquite Police said with the help of a tip from the public, investigators identified all three suspects in this case.  The suspects were contacted, and they confessed to the offenses.  All of the suspects are juveniles.  

 MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – A community reeling from vandalism on its church preached a message of unity on Sunday met with applause and laughter.

As soon as the music stopped at New Hope Baptist Church in Mesquite, the mood changed when Pastor Reginald Jefferson reminded everyone what occurred last week. “Those of you who may not know… we had some vandalism here at the church,” he said.

Security footage showed three teenagers smashing a camera and light with a golf club before pulling out cans of spray paint. The teens tagged hateful and racist language on buildings and vehicles.

Mesquite vandalism suspects (surveillance)

Sunday was the first church service since the incident.

“In all of these things, God had a plan. In the midst of all of this is to bring all of us closer together,” said Jefferson.

The crowd was bigger than a typical Sunday with many people in attendance who helped clean up the graffiti through hard work or donations.

New Hope Baptist Church (CBS 11)

Even in the face of what the community calls an attack on the church, there was still a bit of laughter to go around.

“I’m telling you, all things work together for good. Those buildings needed painting. We had planned to paint them… God just sped up the process,” said Jefferson.

There have been no arrests made in this case.