MANSFIELD (CBS 11 NEWS) – There’s an ice rink in Mansfield that many residents didn’t want to begin with and now they’re upset even more taxpayer money is being used to pay for it.

The Mansfield City Council approved millions more dollars to be used for the Dr Pepper StarCenter ice arena.

If things were going according to plan, building of the indoor ink rink should have been nearing completion for the September 2017 opening. But today the facility sits unfinished — surrounded by tall weeds and sunflowers near Broad Street and Highway 287.

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

On Monday night officials with the City of Mansfield said it would cost an extra $3 million and take a year later than expected to open.

The City of Mansfield had already approved more than $15 million for the arena that will be operated by the Dallas Stars. The City said it needs the additional money to pay for an eco-friendly ice cooling system. While the Stars are contractually entitled to whatever kind of system they want, taxpayers aren’t happy they’re getting stuck with the bill.

“It appears that the taxpayer is increasingly being asked to foot the bill for a project that was not voted on by the citizens and the concerns of citizens were discarded to allow the project to go forward,” resident Tamara Bounds said during a public hearing.

Besides the additional money need for completion, the city is also losing rent money because the city council voted to push back rent payments from the Stars for a year.