TUSTIN, Calif. (CBS) – People living in Tustin, California, a city about 10 miles southeast of Anaheim, are used to seeing wildlife like raccoons and coyotes in the area. But the majority agreed they aren’t prepared for mountain lions!

A picture of the lion was captured on a security camera in front of a Stater Bros. grocery store.

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The City of Tustin posted information on their website from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife about the sighting.

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Authorities say the cougar is a juvenile and it is not a public safety issue.

One shopper at the store was surprised to hear of the big cat sighting. “I’ve never heard of a mountain lion coming down here at all,” Jordan Gomez said. “Coyotes? That’s even rare, but for a mountain lion to be here, that’s absurd.”

Here in North Texas the big cat issue seems to be more with bobcats. In fact, one family in Richardson lost not one pet, but two, after bobcat attacks outside their home.

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Officials with the City of Richardson said that over the last two years there have been 17 bobcats successfully captured in their area. The animals were relocated to a refuge in East Texas.