GRAPEVINE (CBS11) – Grapevine Police are investigating two different break-ins investigators believe are connected.

Video appears to show two men using a red Ford pickup to smash their way into a local Pluckers Wing Bar.

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Pickup into Pluckers

Investigators said the men tried to grab the ATM inside the restaurant, but failed.

Grapevine detectives think the same men also tried stealing an ATM from an EZ-Mart in Marshall, Texas.

E-Z Mart ATM theft attempt

“They’re not very good at what they do,” said Andy Elledge, GM at Pluckers in Grapevine. “I wouldn’t say that they’re very intelligent.”

Elledge said while they destroyed his front entrance to the tune of $10,000, his cash dispensing machine did not budge.

“You see people try this stuff all the time as far as taking ATMs or pulling them with chains and see it on TV shows,” said Elledge. “But it’s not real life. It doesn’t happen that easily.”

Elledge is mostly thankful none of his employees were hurt. The attempted thieves busted through the door while the business was closed.

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“The door is always replaceable,” said Elledge. “Luckily, they didn’t come when anyone was in the building or my guys where still here.”

But that is exactly what happened when the men pounced on a convenience store in Marshall.

“These guys probably aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed,” said Kelly Colvin with the Marshall Police Department. “At the same time, we’re thankful for that, that they haven’t gotten away with anything.”

Colvin said the men tried stripping away the ATM while the cashier and one customer watched them give up.

“We don’t expect people to jump in and intervene. That’s our job, that’s what we’re here for,” said Colvin.

Police are now hoping someone might recognize the men in the video.

Elledge hopes they are caught before they are able to strike again.

“(They’re) going to need a little more practice,” said Elledge. “Most definitely a different career.”

Grapevine Police arrived on scene so fast, officers ended up in a high-speed chase. Officers called it off due to safety concerns.

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They later found the truck in Irving where it came back as stolen.