FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Donnie Nelson has formally asked to be added as a plaintiff in the Billy Bob’s legal battle.

The Dallas Mavericks General Manager is also a part of a minority ownership group of the historic Fort Worth nightclub.

In legal filings Nelson says, “I’ve really tried to stay neutral, but my conscience can no longer sit on the sidelines while false accusations and a blatant smear campaign are unleashed on my co-owners by others with an agenda that doesn’t prioritize Billy Bob’s best interests.”

The legal dispute involves long-time owner Billy Minick and his son, the nightclub’s president, Concho Minick. Concho is asking a judge to protect his job or force a sale of Billy Bob’s.

Concho says his dad and a group of majority owners are trying to force him to resign. He says the two sides disagree on the planned development around Fort Worth’s historic Stockyards. One of the majority owners is heavily invested in that development.

Nelson went on to explain his view on the disagreement, “This is not a dictatorship. You cannot make your business partners disappear just because they have questions about your development plans.  That’s no way to build support and consensus behind any stockyards redevelopment.”

Nelson also gave Concho a lot of credit for the continued success of Billy Bob’s, “Right now, Billy Bob’s is well-run and highly profitable.  Much of this credit goes to Concho Minick.  As the lawsuit has progressed, I’ve seen more and more that some of my co-owners intend to completely disregard the Company Agreement and the way Billy Bob’s is supposed to be managed and governed under that agreement; so I’m now joining the lawsuit to stop that from happening, to protect my contractual rights as an owner, and to find a way forward for Billy Bob’s.”