Mowing in Fort Worth (Joel Thomas – CBS11)

FORT WORTH (CBS11) – Usually in the summer, Fort Worth crews mow parks every 21 days. But this isn’t a normal summer for the parks department or the grass.

“It normally is not growing at the rate that it is this summer,” said Richard Zavala, Fort Worth Parks Director. “So, it’s been a wet year for us. Overall I think we’re two inches ahead for the year. Do the math — it’s all happened in July, you know?”

Typically, crews on large mowers and carrying trimmers wouldn’t be putting in overtime mowing summer grass. But 11,000 acres of parks suddenly had grass growing like it was springtime.

City crews put their mowers into overdrive and their schedules into overtime.

“We are working crews overtime and hats off to them. Some of them have gone a lot of days without a day off to be able to catch up,” Zavala said.

The workers are laser-focused on mowing. Fallen branches are put off until it’s time to mow again.

“Those same people that are doing the mowing are the ones that have to respond to that cleanup,” said Zavala. “They have to get the cleanup completed before they can do the mowing.”

The work crews are just about caught up, but watching the weather again.

“There are some pockets. And the grass is going to grow again, we just got some rain,” said Zavala.”