UPDATED | August 8, 2017 4:50 PM

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – A camera inside an Arlington business captured an incredible ordeal between two armed robbers and two store employees.

Video shows the two men discussing something with the employees when one of them pulls out a handgun. The suspect then jumps over the counter and that’s when one of the employees attempts to take him down. Then, the other employee intervenes and they both attempt to hold down the suspect.

Meanwhile, the second suspect pulls out his weapon and points it at the employees who are grappling with the first suspect.


The suspects eventually got away.

Khurrum Monga, owner of Z Comm, A cell phone repair store on South Cooper, said two men came in claiming they wanted to sell their phones.

“My son told me that it was too hot to be wearing hoodies. Both men were wearing hoodies,” he said.

But Monga said instead of phones, both men pulled out guns and one of them jumped behind the counter. Monga said his son lunged at the gunman.

“When I saw my son in a fight, I didn’t think, I just ran toward the fight to help.”

The two were able to wrestle the gun away from one of the robbers while the other pointed his gun at them. Eventually both ran out of the store without anything.

“We are both very lucky that we weren’t hurt and that no shots were fired. We just hope police can find the men,” Monga said.

Even when the second gunman pointed a gun at them, father and son continued to push them out of their store.

One would-be robber ran away and the other gunman struggled to get out the store, leaving behind a loaded gun. 

Monga says they’re lucky no one was hurt and nothing was taken.

“We were thinking it was fake,” said Monga. “It’s all fake. They’re just making up anything, but after when police told me ‘It’s a real gun and it’s be loaded,’ of course it’s coming into my mind, we should not do that.”

Arlington Police released the video on its Facebook page Tuesday morning asking for anyone with information on the suspects to contact Detective Houchin at 817-459-5301.