DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM)Dallas Police officers have been leaving the police department in droves. 

Critics say that’s affecting what happens when people in crisis call 911.

“It really took too long for them to get here.  I was thinking he was going to die,” said Montreg Ross about his brother, Robert.

Ross said his brother got into a fight with the mother of his child over the weekend and he ended up getting stabbed.

Multiple witnesses called 911 starting at 7:28 a.m Saturday.

The call was classified as a priority one emergency but expired when all units were busy.

As minutes passed, more calls started coming in about a baby involved and then reports of a stabbing.

Officers working overtime responded 16 minutes after the initial call, twice as long as it’s supposed to take.

Robert Ross survived. The woman responsible also received cuts.

Some Dallas Police leaders say the call is an example of what can and likely will happen if the city doesn’t find a way to hire more officers.

“We do have incidences that start out as one thing and as time increases the violence could increase and that’s the time officers should be arriving at the car,” said Mike Mata, President of the Dallas Police Association.

The city is looking at the possibility of cutting 500 funded positions in the police department because it hasn’t been able to fill them and the money is needed to pay the pension shortfall.

Officers warn that next month’s State Fair will of Texas test the department’s manpower and resources even more.