DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Stars have come out publicly against the bathroom privacy bills in the Texas Legislature during the current special session.

While area businesses and business leaders have expressed opposition to the proposed laws requiring people to use bathrooms for the gender that corresponds to what’s on their birth certificates, the Stars are the first major sports franchise in Texas to do so.

The letter from Stars President and CEO James Lites says, “Dallas was warm and welcoming when we came to this great city 25 years ago and it remains so today.  The Dallas Stars stand strongly opposed to any legislation perceived to be discriminatory, including proposed bathroom legislation.  We welcome fans from all over the globe and our roster boasts players from half a dozen countries.  Dallas welcomes all and we welcome all.”

Here is the entire letter:

The Texas Senate had previously approved the measure, but the Texas House changed it to only apply for public schools.

That new version was then rejected by the Texas Senate, creating the current stalemate.

Abbott called lawmakers back for a special session, with the ‘bathroom bill’ being one of the issues on the agenda.