UPDATED | August 9, 2017 9:35 PMBy Ken Molestina

DALLAS (CBS11) – New Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall hasn’t started her job yet, but she’s already received a letter from some officers suggesting major changes to the department.

The National Latino Law Enforcement Organization sent a letter to incoming Chief Hall stating that morale among officers is at an all time low.

The police group offered a list of nine recommendations that would help morale, as well as recruitment and retaining officers.

Among the suggestions, allowing officers who live in Dallas the option to take patrol cars home and increase visibility.

“We are probably in a better state to be able to provide a take-home vehicle. You put a take home vehicle in a neighborhood that provides immediate crime stoppers there it’s immediate impact,” said NLLEO President George Aranda.

The group also wants the number chiefs and command level officers reduced

The wish list ranges from allowing officers to carry rifles to reimbursing the dry cleaning costs of their uniforms.

Officer Jose De La Rocha is a member of NLLEO and has served with DPD for almost 9 years.

He said a take-home car would solve a lot of problems for officers.

“As soon as someone see’s it they notice it. They know it’s there they recognize it they know the police are around and if you are a criminal you get out of the area,” said Officer De La Rocha

Aside from it serving as a crime deterrent De La Rocha added that it would help in efficiency.

He said right now, every patrol officer has to go through a tedious routine at the beginning of their shifts just to check out a car.

“They have to go in and do this 30-40 minute process just to get a car just to get to calls,” he said.

He said with so many officers leaving the department there is no shortage of patrol cars to assign to officers.

The list also includes requests to reorganize the leadership ranks within the department, reimbursements for uniform dry cleaning, and a rifle training and assignment program among other things.

De La Rocha says something has to give in order to improve what has been described as a low morale police department with 3,000 officers.

“We have to do something to retain new officers or retain officers who have been here for years and years and years,” he said.

NLLEO leaders say they are optimistic that their requests will be considered because incoming chief Renee Hall has spoken out about department morale and the importance of improving it.

The Dallas Police Department has not responded to CBS11 inquiries regarding the following list of requests: