HOUSTON (CBS11) – Going into Sunday evening, passengers at Houston’s Hobby Airport are stranded due to dangerous weather conditions, with no way to leave, including one couple that had been stuck more 24 hours.

Jacqueline and Duane Tinker were supposed to arrive at Dallas Love Field on Saturday at around 9:00 p.m. Their flight from Houston got delayed several times, and then eventually cancelled because of epic flooding.

“That’s the frustrating part of it. But it’s not as bad as if we were trapped in Houston in the flood,” said Jacqueline Tinker. “We’re safe and dry, so we’re trying to be grateful about that.”

The couple thought they’d be home in Grandview and back from a diving trip to Belize to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary.

Hobby Airport won’t be fully operational for a while due to the immense flooding.

“Most of the restaurants are closed. Most of the gift shops are closed. The rental car place is closed. So we can’t actually get out,” said Tinker.

With the airport closed, Tinker said people are sleeping on benches. “They told us there’s about 800 to 1,000 people, including employees, stuck here,” she said.

Tinker said they are having to sleep on the floor. It’s been 24 hours without a hot shower or a bed.

As passengers wait for flights and answers, they know how much worse it could be.

“Though it’s not real comfortable here, we’re very fortunate that we’re not getting wet or having to help people in dire emergencies, so thank goodness for that,” said Duane Tinker.