DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – Ezekiel Elliott will miss the next couple of days of Dallas Cowboys camp practice here in Frisco to instead attend his NFL appeal hearing on Tuesday.

The Cowboys hope some level of fairness in present in the process, too.

The overseer of the appeal is Harold Henderson, a lieutenant of Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner who handed down the six-game suspension for Elliott due to the league’s findings in what many consider to be a “he-said/she-said’’ case involving Elliott ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t pleased with the process that has put his star player in this position. But he’s expressing no displeasure in Henderson’s involvement.

“Harold is a really great friend of mine,” Jones said. “He was at my ($16-million Hall of Fame) party and so you weren’t at that party unless you were a good friend … He is a friend … He managed the management council for maybe 15 years I served on it. He’s very competent but the main thing is he’s a guy that I admire a lot.

“Former policeman, former attorney. He’s come through it the hard way. Literally.”

Elliott will have his legal representation present, and the NFLPA will have a presence in the hearing, too. There will be Cowboys legal counsel also involved.

The appeal could result in a reinforcement of the six-game penalty, or a reduction … or Elliott’s side following it up by filing an injunction in federal court that could delay the enforcement of the suspension.

“I wouldn’t do ‘a what if’ on that,’’ said Jones of the possible results of the process.