HOUSTON (CBS11) – With so much rain falling in Houston, some residents are wondering how much more the city can handle.

People who live in the Energy Corridor in the western parts of Houston are concerned the situation could get worse if reservoirs, dams and levees are not taken care of in the area.

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“There won’t be much time, there won’t be much warning,” said Jay Harbison.

His fear is the levee at the Addicks Reservoir will not hold.

“It would be a wall of water,” said Harbison.

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Levels continue to rise, spilling over into nearby rivers and roads. Harbison is not sure how much more water it can handle before failing.

“Most people don’t even know that it’s there.”

He said unlike rain, the water will not be gradual and there likely will not be a warning.

“It’s one thing to see encroachment right? This wouldn’t be an encroachment event, this would be a wall of water event,” said Harbison.

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The Army Corps of Engineers is releasing water right now to relieve pressure from dams and levees.