NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As millions of people travel this Labor Day weekend, some drivers in North Texas are still in search for places to fill up their tanks. State leaders have said there is no gas shortage, but some are still desperately searching.

Many are stuck in town with no fuel to get out.

Phyllene Dunlap isn’t one of those stranded, but she might be if she doesn’t find gas soon. “I’m almost down to the E,” she said. “I’m planning to go back to see some friends and family next weekend… I feel like this is going to be resolved by then, hopefully.”

The state railroad commissioner called this a self-made shortage.

“It’s just a run on the gas stations… we’re really not running out of gas,” said Dunlap.

Panic purchases at the gas pump created endless lines with signs of disappointment springing up as pumps ran dry.

“I thought maybe each day, this will calm down, but I’m still having trouble find gas. So I don’t know if it’s calming down yet,” said Dunlap.

According to AAA, the average price of gas has gone up 28 cents statewide in the last month. A spokesperson says refinery shutdowns from Harvey mixed with holiday demand is to blame for rising prices.

This is leading some families to avoid holiday travel altogether.

“I know if that were me, trying to go this weekend, I’d be really disappointed not to go get to do it,” said Dunlap. “My heart goes out to anybody that’s in that boat.”

Some ride-share drivers are seeing a boom in business from people opting to conserve their gas. Uber and Lyft are doing their part to help people.

According to the apps, Uber is donating free rides to and from shelters in Dallas up to $50. Lyft is also giving people options to make donations.