By Ken Molestina

SPRING, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The floodwaters are gone now in many Houston-area neighborhoods, but for some like Spring the concerns aren’t over.

As volunteers and neighbors work to recover their belongings and trash whatever else has been ruined many subdivisions throughout the storm-ravaged area have become a target for looters looking to steal from them.

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The North Hills Estate subdivision in Spring is one of those neighborhoods, but thanks to a loosely-organized neighborhood watch looters are being kept at bay.

Bob Stuart is the man who has helped organized the armed group of watchful neighbors standing guard over their streets.

During a briefing with a group of several other volunteers he reminded them of their duties.

“Just make sure we are not out there acting as vigilantes…we don’t want to be pointing weapons. make sure you have your weapon but that’s to protect yourself,” he said.

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Stuart said he hopes people looking to take advantage of them by going through their abandoned homes at night and taking what little they have left know they aren’t welcomed here.

Stuart added, “We are not looking to hurt people, but we are hoping the show of force deters people who think this is an area of low hanging fruit.”

In the first few nights the group had set up barricades at all entrances into the subdivision, but now that the electricity has come back on they are just patrolling and looking to keep those who don’t have any business in their subdivision out.

Spring has had it’s curfew lifted, but most other places in the area including Houston still are imposing it.

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In many cases, the curfew begins at midnight and lasts through 5 a.m.