by Matt Yurus | CBS11

(CBS11) – At least 10 people died as Hurricane Irma made its way through a string of Caribbean islands.

Video from Antigua and Barbuda, where the prime minister said a 2-year-old child died as his family tried to escape their damaged home, shows massive destruction.

The prime minister there said the island is “barely habitable” after being hit by the Category 5 hurricane and its 175 mile per hour winds.

Video from Saint Martin, which is actually one island split between a French and Dutch side, shows more destruction.

Five people were confirmed dead and both countries sent aid to residents. President Trump also owns property on the island.

Footage out of Saint Thomas shows more of the same.

There are reports that the fire and police stations there collapsed and the main hospital sustained heavy damage.

The hospital patients are being evacuated to Puerto Rico, according to the territory’s governor.

Additional photos of Saint Thomas, taken by a CBS11 news producer a couple of years ago, gives you an idea and hopefully some perspective on the realities this country (and others) face as it works to rebuild its beautiful island.