DFW AIRPORT (CBS11) – American Airlines added seven flights Friday out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale in a last minute effort to help people escape, before both airports shut down Friday evening.

“A miracle. That’s how we ended up on this flight. I was absolutely a miracle,” said Sylvie Neufeld.

Neufeld and her niece, Michelle Black, said they spent days trying to book a flight out of Miami.

“It was absolutely the most stressful situation you can find yourself in, when you’re stuck… you see a monster coming your way,” said Neufeld.

Around noon on Friday, a travel agent called to tell them seats were available.

“They, last minute, added one last flight, the last flight literally,” said Neufeld. “We literally got ready in an hour to leave.”

The pair said driving north was never an option they considered.

“You were hearing about gas stations running out of gas. We weren’t sure we’d be able to make it through the state of Florida,” said Black.

Sam and Melissa Neuhut managed to make the same flight as well, with their 2-year-old and 4-month-old sons.

“The truth is we had to get these two guys out,” said Sam.

A friend called to tell them the flight had opened up, and within a minute, they’d grabbed their seats.

When they arrived at the airport though, they found a ghost town.

“The cops were like, ‘All the flights have been cancelled,’ and I almost started to cry,” said Sam.

“But, we got on the last flight. Everyone else’s flight got cancelled,” said Melissa.