FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The fallout continues after the huge Equifax data-breach affecting more than 143 million Americans.

The Texas Attorney General’s office said 12 million of those victims live in Texas.

“I’m absolutely furious,” said Phillip Bristow of Fort Worth.

He’s is one of the millions of Americans whose information was compromised in the massive hack.

“It panics me, I have properties. I built myself up to good credit but it took me a lot of years to do it,” said Bristow.

Bristow and his wife went searching for remedies and decided to freeze their credit report.

“A credit freeze allows the creditor to make sure you are who you say you are,” said financial counselor Regina Blackwell with the Dallas non-profit Transformance.

Blackwell said a freeze makes it impossible for thieves to open up new lines of credit in your name.

You can stop the freeze any time you want to apply for new credit by using a personal identification number.

Briston said he couldn’t believe Equifax was actually charging him $10 to freeze his account.

“Ten dollars isn’t a lot of money but I didn’t make the mistake. Why am I having to pay for it,” asked Bristow. ”

Equifax announced plans to waive the freeze fees for 30 days after hundreds of upset customers complained on social media.

“How about forever,” laughed Bristow.

Plus, financial experts say having a freeze at just Equifax won’t help you.

You need to freeze your credit at all three bureaus.

Bristow said Equifax should pick up the tab.

“This is their problem. They need to fix their problem,” said Bristow.