DALLAS (KRLD) – In the last month, Bruce and Jessica Coane have welcomed a new baby and experienced Hurricanes Harvey and Irma first-hand.

It all started when their daughter, Gabriella, was born on August 20. Hurricane Harvey was fast approaching the area and arrived less than a week after she was born.

Bruce Coane says the family decided to stick it out in Houston until they heard about chemical plant explosions in the area. Deciding that they didn’t want Gabriella to breathe in any of those toxins, the couple decided to get out of town and head to Miami where they have a second home.

Because the baby hadn’t received her vaccinations, they were unable to fly and had to make the drive to Miami. While they were on the way, they discovered that Hurricane Irma was heading to the Florida coast. Coane has lived in Florida for 20 years and said they always hear warnings about Hurricanes and nothing ever happens. However, after spending a couple days in Miami and with forecasts growing worse by the hour, they decided to head back to Texas.

While hurricanes can be difficult to predict, one thing is certain, Gabriella has had an adventurous 25 days on the earth.

Hear Coane’s interview with KRLD’s Chris Sommer above.