By Brooke Rogers | CBS11 News

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Parking woes for teachers at Highland Park Middle school continue as construction on the school is making faculty parking a sport, despite the administrators asking neighbors to help by giving out their driveways.

“It’s every man for himself at this point,” says Bert Truax, a private trumpet instructor at Highland Park Middle School.

Truax says finding a parking spot near the school is a test of patience and will.

“I waited by the fire hydrant with my engine running, waiting for someone to move so I could get into the space,” says Truax. “It’s getting a little crazy.”

For at least the school year, faculty have been displaced from their parking lot during construction, which will include a building addition and underground parking. That’s driven many to park on both sides of already congested side streets.

“At this point, it’s just very, very difficult for us to find a place to park, because there’s just a limited amount of space in highland park,” says Truax.

The school asked residents to let teachers borrow their driveways, but only 10 or 11 agreed. Patricia Addington is one of those homeowners.

“We said, let’s do it. It’s a good thing to do,” she says. “It is right now a little bit of a disability with the parking situation.”

Others say they wish they had the space to help – and hope the teachers will see past the short-term inconvenience.

“They belong to the community, so they know that, in the long run, their suffering today will be for better later,” says parent Marilisa Patel.

Truax’s hope is that more driveway volunteers will come forward in the meantime.

“It would really help if neighbors that have a driveway near the middle school would volunteer their parking area so that we could teach,” he says.

A district spokesperson says traffic around the school seems to be moving well. He also says they are providing a shuttle for teachers from nearby Curtis Park, though only about eleven people are using it.