DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones admits that he’s not always on the same side as NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell when it comes to certain things.

Jones, who is part of the NFL owner’s negotiation team, addressed the report that he is impeding the Commissioner’s contract extension.

Jones tells The Fan that both Goodell and the NFL have expressed interest in renewing and extending his agreement (contract).

“You have to get used to this in the NFL” said Jones. “You’re not always going to be on the same side of the fence with the Commissioner.”

Jones points out many decisions that Goodell has made that have gone against the Cowboys. “Many things in the past that he’s decided on, I haven’t agreed with” but adds, “I’m well known of having been a supporter of Roger Goodell.”

Despite the reports that Jones is ‘impeding’ the negotiation, he makes no indication he not a supporter of Goodell…but that’s it’s just a negotiation, plain and simple.

“You could certainly be supportive of Roger Goodell, but not necessarily in agreement with terms or, if you will, the structure of his contract…that’s the point of the negotiation” said Jones.