DALLAS (CBS11) – The game had not even started and Cowboys fans were already glued to their TV screens.

Just before the national anthem, the Dallas Cowboys organization locked arms and took a brief and unified knee but then stood for the entire anthem.

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Cowboys fan watch national anthem (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

“I thought it was good. It showed unity,” said David Garcia, a Cowboys fan. “Everybody is sticking together. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Some Dallas Cowboys devotees inside Uptown’s Nodding Donkey sports bar put their hand on their heart during the anthem.

When it was over, many others followed up the singing of the Star Spangled Banner by cheering and clapping.

“I thought they did it right,” said Christina Vela, a Cowboys fan. “You kneel before the anthem and then you stand during it. That’s a respectful way to handle it.”

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Owner Jerry Jones joined the players on the field and also could be seen bringing his knee to the gridiron.

“I’m very pleased how the Cowboys have done first two ballgames,” said Jerry Jones as he spoke with 105.3 The Fan.

Unlike other NFL players and teams who protested the anthem, the Cowboys found a way to recognize bother sides of the argument.

“They kind of mixed to two together. A little different from what everyone else is doing,” said Cumarr Archer, a Cowboys fan.

Archer feels the focus should be on why players are protesting and not if it is right or wrong.

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“That’s kind of the reason why our troops go out and fight for the country and people have the ability to make the decision to do what they want,” said Archer.