By Kena Sosa

Cool, refreshing and caffeinated, iced coffee might as well be the official drink of Texas summer. Soothing and delicious any time of day, iced coffees come in more variety than one might think. The options are almost endless, impossible to sample them all. Yet there are some that like tiny bubbles, rise to the top of the list of must-try iced coffees.

2537 N. Fitzhugh Ave
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 827-3204

For an iced coffee flavor that is strong, robust and unique, visit Dalat for a Vietnamese iced coffee. A modern atmosphere fusing cultures and flavors, Dalat is unique for many reasons. Stop by for a big coffee taste to accompany some fantastic pho or spring rolls, and you have a place you’ll have to revisit again and again. Be sure to come by on karaoke night at Dalat to mix great, powerful Vietnamese iced coffee flavor with the kick of your favorite songs. It might just give you the bravado you need to get up and belt out a tune for all to hear.

Joule Hotel
1511 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 261-4545

The iced coffee at Weekend at the Joule Hotel is unforgettably delicious. That sought-after taste, coupled with the uplifting and joyous ambience creates a full-roasted fun experience for all. With the elegance and class of the Joule, surrounding you, the light enticement of iced coffee will feel even better going down. Weekend is a place all its own with a concept one can’t find in other coffee shops. Come in, taste, savor and enjoy.

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Ascension Coffee & Wine Bar  
1621 Oak Lawn Ave
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 741-3211

Ascension is one of the few coffee shops where iced coffee drinkers can truly feel in their own element. With a relaxed style, Ascension has opened its doors to lovers of caffeinated drinks, both hot and cold since 2012. You’ll want to drink your iced coffee at Ascension Coffee & Wine Bar slowly to take in the sights of happy people, eavesdrop on the conversations you’ll want to be a part of, and taste the richness in your cup. In fact, you’ll enjoy being at Ascension so much, you’ll have to order a second iced coffee.

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1418 Coffee
1418 K Ave
Plano, TX 75074
(214) 738-5664

There is nothing like freshness in coffee and food. The longer the distance of travel, the less freshness and flavor. 1418 Coffee uses Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters coffee, from right here in the DFW metroplex. So basically, chugging down a 1418 Coffee is almost like getting it straight from the source. With a motto like “Coffee, Community, Compassion” java-aficionados can appreciate the goodness that not only comes from drinking local at their location in Plano, but from giving back while doing it, adding flavor and good vibes to each yummy sip of 1418’s iced coffee.

Bon Giorno
915 Florence St
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 698-9888

Steeped in the desire to recreate a more European ambience and flavor, Bon Giorno coffee uses coffee roasted right here in Grapevine. That local flare keeps coffee fresh and supports the local economy. In addition, attention to detail, and dedication to a full sensory, old world experience, Bon Giorno’s iced coffee is truly divine. Find yourself in Fort Worth, swing by Bon Giorno for a luscious cup of iced coffee that tastes like a faraway excursion. You won’t need a passport for this worthwhile summer escape!

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