The Dallas Cowboys made a show of unity before their game against the Arizona Cardinals, but it wasn’t during the national anthem.

The Dallas players all kneeled with owner Jerry Jones and his family before a giant American flag was unfurled, drawing some boos from the Cardinals fans.

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They rose arm-in-arm just before the singing of the anthem.

President Donald Trump was quick to jump on social media Tuesday morning and applaud the ‘great anger’ from the majority of Cardinals fans as the stadium filled with the sound of booing at the Cowboys gesture.

A few minutes later, the President acknowledged the teams standing for the National Anthem.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump was unclear at first if his team, or any individual team members, would protest during the anthem, as teams across the NFL did Sunday.

On the choice to kneel and pray in unison before the National Anthem was played, Jones said the Cowboys organization alerted the NFL and informed them what they were doing. “It was executed, according to plan, that we would go out, kneel in prayer, or kneel, and stand and make the statement regarding the need for unity and the need for equality” said Jones.

“Then we immediately turned around, stood up, and walked over to the sideline when that big American flag came down that field, and we all stood out on the field and recognized and respected the American flag” said Jones.

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