retail e1506742062423 Veterans Feel Deceived After North Texas School Closes Its Doors

Retail Ready Career Center. (CBS11)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – They were shutout from school and sent packing on Wednesday.

Students who attended trade school Retail Ready Career Center, many who are veterans from out of state, now feel like they are being lied to after receiving a recent email from the VA.

The school’s lawyer on Wednesday issued a statement saying, “The Department of Veteran Affairs is conducting an administrative review that has temporarily suspended classes.”

“It makes it seem like the VA is shutting the school down,” said Donovan Staffieri, a student and veteran.

The VA admitted the Texas Veterans Commission withdrew approval for Retail Ready to receive GI Bill Benefits. But in an email, it told students, “Neither the Texas State Approving Agency nor VA required the school to close. The decision to close was made solely by the school.”

“I feel like they’re straight up lying to our faces,” said Staffieri. “It’s one of the struggles that vets have to deal with, getting back into society. And when stuff like this happens it makes it that much more difficult.”

The VA has an 85/15 rule or cap. It will not let vets use the GI Bill for a school with more than 85% of the students already using the GI Bill.

“In my class alone of 32, there was only 1 non-vet,” said Staffieri.

It is unclear if there were any issues with Retail Ready and its enrollment.

A lawyer for the school on Friday clarified the school was working the resolves the issue soon.

“I just want the truth to come out,” said Staffieri. “I want to figure out why all of this is actually going on like it is.”