DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The State Fair of Texas knows how to tempt fairgoers with deep-fried delicacies. Whether it be the Funnel Cake Bacon Queso burger or Fried Fruit Loops, there are lots of calories present.

Before you loosen your belt buckle, here’s a plan of action to stay on track.

Craving something sweet? Skip the batter and go the nature’s candy instead. This year, Fruteria Cano added the Fried Mango Loco. It’s a graham-cracker, mango-drizzled and whipped-cream cheat meal.

Fried Mango Loco (CBS11)

Over at BW’s Fried Ribs is a rare find – veggies. You can order the hummus with veggies and pita. Another option is the black-eyed peas.

Make your way to the Midway for a treat with plenty of fiber-roasted corn. Just ask them to hold the butter.

Also at the Midway is Doc’s Street Grill where, according to the owner, nothing is fried.

Steve Alate, who serves up 4,500 grilled chicken skewers during the fair season, says healthy sells.

“A lot of people said it wouldn’t work, but we’ve stuck with it every year. Our sales continue to grow,” said Alate.

He’s got his own version of an indulgent health meal – the Caribbean Pineapple Korn-A-Copia. It has grilled chicken and grilled shrimp and was a Big Tex Choice Awards finalist last year. It definitely won’t leave you hungry.

Caribbean Pineapple Korn-A-Copia (CBS11)

No trip to the State Fair would be complete without a Fletcher’s Corny Dog. However, their stands now boast a veggie corny dog option.

Jack Pyland of Jack’s French Fries says moving is his favorite way to stay healthy with no excuse to not make step count goals at the fair.

“We’re on a 280-acre park, and we’re spread out as big as Texas,” said Pyland.

And despite being surrounded by all the food temptations every season, he says, “I lost 89 pounds by still eating good here.”

As Pyland trimmed down, he’s added sweet potato fries to the menus as well as grilled chicken. He says, however, he doesn’t deprive himself. “I still have french fries everyday. I still eat those,” he said.

If you just can’t resist your favorite fried treat, share the wealth. Split one of those bigger calorie menus items with the family.