By Ken Molestina

DALLAS (CBS11)— The Kappa Alpha Order chapter on the Southern Methodist University (SMU) campus has been suspended as a result of an investigation into hazing.

A letter from university officials said the allegations of hazing stem from reports that they investigated during the new member education period of the Spring 2017 semester.

The university released the following public statement:

The SMU chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order national organization was suspended on October 4, 2017, for a minimum of four years by the University, in agreement with the Kappa Alpha Order national organization. The suspension comes in response to operational and new member incidents that violated the SMU Student Code of Conduct and the fraternity’s policies.

SMU has made available alternative living arrangements for students who lived in the fraternity house, as well as other resources to help with their transition.

According to SMU, investigators found evidence of new members being paddled, forced into servitude and excessive alcohol consumption.

It also said they were forced to eat jalapenos, habaneros until vomiting, they were forced to wear soiled clothing with vomit and were sleep deprived among other things.

SMU freshman Grace Murray said “I was shocked I had never heard of the bad of hazing here. I’ve heard of it elsewhere but not here so I was surprised bummed.”

In a response sent to CBS11, Jesse S. Lyons the Assistant Executive Director for Advancement & Editor of The Kappa Alpha Journal said, “Kappa Alpha Order has suspended our chapter at Southern Methodist University, in cooperation with SMU administration, due to violations of our risk management policies. We have an agreement with SMU to return to campus in 2021.”

The letter says SMU Kappa Alpha members have until Saturday to remove all belongings from the house, and they have effectively been ordered to shut down all activity.

Kappa Alpha Order at SMU (CBS11)