DALLAS (CBS11) – SMU officials went on the record on Thursday addressing the suspension of Kappa Alpha Order on their campus after they say an investigation revealed evidence of hazing during the Spring 2017 new member education period.

A spokesman for the University issued this statement:

The SMU chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order national organization was suspended on October 4, 2017, for a minimum of four years by the University, in agreement with the Kappa Alpha Order national organization. The suspension comes in response to operational and new member incidents that violated the SMU Student Code of Conduct and the fraternity’s policies. SMU has made available alternative living arrangements for students who lived in the fraternity house, as well as other resources to help with their transition.

On Wednesday night, CBS11 obtained a letter sent to Kappa Alpha parents informing them of their findings and their decision to suspend Kappa Alpha.

Among some of the hazing evidence mentioned were finding of new members being paddled, forced into servitude, forced to drink alcohol and eating jalapenos until the point of vomiting. It also said those new members were forced to wear vomit soiled clothing and were sleep deprived among other things.

Kylie Madry is the editor in chief of the student run newspaper, The Daily Campus.

She said this isn’t the first time they’ve had to report on Kappa Alpha being suspended.

She said it happened back in 2009.

Madry said they are hoping the Kappa Alpha leaderships gets a chance to respond to some of these findings.

She added, “Just hearing what they have to say. If they have to refute what SMU says is true we want to be able to give them that opportunity.”

The Daily Campus also reported this most recent suspension of Kappa Alpha is the second fraternity suspension at SMU in the past two tears.

They say Lambda Chi Alpha was also suspended back in March of 2016.