By Yona Gavino

MESQUITE (CBSDFW.COM) – At Horn High School in Mesquite, there’s a cadaver in the classroom!

“Mom” is one of Mesquite ISD’s two Syndavers, and she’s used to teach lessons in health and science.

“It’s really cool. You get all the dimensions and the textures and the feelings of it. You really learn, ‘oh, this is where this is’ and you get the experience,” said senior Citlali Rios.

Before, students used plastic models and charts. The Syndaver is life-size and is meant to look and feel real.

“This is definitely better because you can actually touch it and on a chart, you’re just kind of looking,” said Rios.

Randy Magee is using Syndavers and simulation mannequins to teach health science students.

Each one cost the district $75,000, but the lessons are advanced and endless.

“It adds a very realistic component to learning. This would be at the college level, where you would have this type of equipment,” said Magee.

The lessons learned can even help students in real-life emergencies.

“As you call for the ambulance, you would maybe point out what you observed. Where they were punctured or wounded. That would help get to the problem faster,” said Rios.

The second Syndaver is at Mesquite High School. The district plans to share the two with all of their high schools.