cat e1507431382316 Fort Worth Cat Recovering After Being Shot By Teen

Aurora the cat (Owner Lindsey Torres)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – A beloved pet is recovering after being shot nearly a week ago by a teenager in Fort Worth.

Seconds after being shot in the head, Aurora the cat rushed safety, according to surveillance video.

“The video tells the story. You can see her run away, which is after she got shot first,” said owner Lindsey Torres.

Torres says a teenager shot her pet twice. Video shows the teen pulling out a pellet gun from a backpack, firing at the cat and then running away.

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(Surveillance video)

“It’s really scary that somebody could do that – to hunt an animal down that you could tell was a pet and had a collar on and everything. It’s just disturbing,” said Torres.

Aurora is stitched and bandaged but is doing better. Her future is filled with another surgery and extra attention.

Torres says the teenager has visited the neighborhood before and was spotted shooting squirrels.

“I’m just a huge animal lover. It’s really horrifying to me,” said Torres.

Fort Worth police say staff from the teenager’s school watched the video and identified the 16-year-old. Police say the teenager is being interviewed.

“It’s a relief, most definitely. Because I don’t want anybody else’s animals to get hurt,” said Torres.