(CBSDFW.COM) – Missing for more than two weeks after flying their plane to the Bahamas, new possible evidence could help lead investigators to the whereabouts of a missing North Texas couple.

Donna Grant and Forrest Sanco recently married and were on a honeymoon trip that took them from the United States to the Bahamas. The newlyweds were using a single-engine Cessna to travel.

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Forrest Sanco and Donna Grant (Family Photo)

The last anyone heard from the couple was on September 26.

“We’re struggling. I mean it’s been terrible,” said Erin Simmons.

Simmons is Donna Grant’s daughter-in-law. She and her husband flew to the Bahamas as they tried to put pressure on the U.S. Coast Guard and the Royal Bahamian Defense Force.

“It’s the not knowing that’s so taxing, that’s straining,” said Simmons.

Forrest posted a picture on Instagram from the Bahamas on September 26.

Later that same day, a flight plan shows they took off from North Eleuthera with the plans to head 120 miles to Rum Cay, but never made it to the location.

“Forrest is an engineer, Donna is a nurse. They had food and water on the plane as far as we know. They had floatation devices. That’s given us hope that they’re out there,” said Simmons.

One sign the couple could be close is from a wheel that was found by some fishermen this week.

Investigators said it matches what Forrest and Donna would have used, but they have not confirmed if it is from their plane.

“I think it’s a good thing because it gives them an area to start,” said Sue McDaniel.

Forrest is Sue McDaniel’s younger brother.

She and her husband Brad are frustrated with the late start by search crews due to reporting miscommunication with the authorities on the island.

They are trying to stay positive.

“I mean miracles have happened. People have survived longer. So we’re not going to say it’s over until somebody tells us it’s over. We’re not going to give up hope,” said Sue and Brad McDaniel.

The family has also hired a private search plane and crew.

The crew recently found some wreckage but investigators determined it was not related to the search.