RICHARDSON (CBS11)Missing for more than a week and still no answers surrounding the whereabouts of a 3-year-old Richardson girl.

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Sherin Mathews (Facebook)

Sherin Mathews was reported missing by her father Wesley Mathews on October 7 after he told police he made her go outside as punishment for not drinking her milk at 3:00 a.m.

mathews Former Investigator Explains What Could Be Happening In Missing Girl Case

Wesley Mathews (credit: Richardson Police Department)

There was an overall sense of frustration on Monday night among many of the folks who are spending their time searching for Sherin Mathews.

In a statement released on Monday, Richardson Police thanked the public for their help but pleaded for patience.

“The police are doing a lot that’s not visible to the public. A lot of it is happening behind the scenes,” said attorney Pete Schulte, a former McKinney police officer.

Schulte said he can understand the public is growing tired.

“You hear about all these stories where we have missing individuals, missing children. They’ll get search teams together. They’ll get people on horseback. You see it all over the country,” said Schulte. “But in this particular case, it’s not happening and that tells me there’s not a necessity for it yet.”

Schulte, who is not involved in the case, suspects police right now are pouring over electronic evidence on social media, looking through security cameras and investigating phone and computer records.

The FBI’s involvement only makes the case tighter.

“They’re very closed lipped. If you call, they won’t even admit there’s an investigation going forward,” said Schulte of the FBI.

Schulte said the lack of information being released is not a sign of a lack of investigative work being done by detectives.

“I think at this point until we know more information, they’re kind of having an idea where this child is,” said Schulte.

The worst thing anyone can do at the moment with such a sensitive and importance case is to interfere or get in the way of trained detectives, according to Schulte.

“Just let it go. Let them do their job. At some point if the public’s help is needed, they’ll let us know,” said Schulte.

Police are still asking for any tips and video showing the family’s maroon, Acura SUV from the time Mathews disappeared for an hour early on the Saturday morning Sherin went missing.

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2013 maroon Acura MDX SUV (stock photo)