FORT WORTH (CBS11) – The growth is good. The traffic is bad.

This week Fort Worth is asking people for their ideas on how to fix the mix of cars, people and bikes along West 7th Street.

The walking audits, and visual surveys that started Sunday, come a month after a task force met to address issues with safety, transportation and parking in the district.

The street is also in line for up to $12.5 million for rehabilitation, along with University Avenue, as part of next year’s bond proposal.

West 7th Street in Fort Worth (CBS11)

“It’s not very walkable, it’s hard to cross, it’s hard to bike on, it’s not very safe,” said Ian Lockwood, a livable transportation engineer for the Toole Design Group. The city brought him in to help focus ideas for how to redesign W. 7th to manage the increase in population.

“That’s just a design issue,” he said. “We can still accommodate the motorists, but we can do a lot better job at accommodating the cyclists and the walkers.”

A questionnaire being given to people participating in the process asks questions like, “Is the speed of vehicle intimidating to a pedestrian?” “Are there storage facilities for bikes?” and “Is it an interesting place to walk?”

Boards let people place stickers over the crosswalk, median and bike lane design samples they preferred.

Anne Zadeh, the council member for the district, said the traffic has been a safety concern for some time. The look of the area that has developed, primarily on the south side of the street, she said it fantastic.

“It’s just that not all of that happened at one time, and there’s areas that haven’t redeveloped,” she said.

The ideas formed out of the three days of events will help focus the design for the future redevelopment of the corridor.