CBS Local — A Florida dog has a new lease on life after good samaritans rescued the pup from a “mummified cast” of matted hair that had formed around his body.

The poor pooch was reportedly saved from being hit by a car in Orange County on October 11. The good samaritan then began a frantic search on social media for someone to help the dog who couldn’t walk or go to the bathroom because of the hair. That’s when a pet grooming service in nearby Oviedo stepped in to save the abandoned animal.

Kari Falla of BGE Grooming says she could tell how bad the dog’s condition was by the pictures alone and opened up her shop to help.

“They arrived at my shop at midnight and it took three hours to groom him. A normal groom only takes an hour-and-a-half,” Falla told Inside Edition. “When a dog is matted that badly, it can cause its blood flow to stop as well as bruising to the dog.”

The recovering pup is believed to be a Golden-doodle mix and was aptly named “Lucky.” He spent the night with Falla and her staff before being given to a veterinarian for a checkup. Lucky is now in foster care as animal rescue workers look for the owner who left him in such a desperate condition. BGE Grooming posted several pictures and videos of Lucky following his transformation.

“We believe in paying it forward. Sharing a little bit of kindness goes a lot way. And in this case, it saved a life,” Falla said.