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Dallas may have removed the Robert E. Lee statue, but debate over the controversial issue will be rekindled starting next week.

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On Monday, the Dallas City Council’s Quality of Life Committee will discuss whether to go along with the recommendations by the Mayor’s Task Force on Confederate Monuments.

Then on Wednesday, a special city council meeting will give the public one last chance to give their input.

The full council will be briefed on the matter November 1, and the final vote by the council is set for November 8.

David Preziosi, Executive Director of Preservation Dallas says, “There’s all different sides to this issue and there’s people who are vocal on each side of it.”

Preziosi says his organization didn’t take sides on whether to remove the Robert E. Lee statue and rename Lee Park. “Wherever these monuments go, they not be destroyed. They go to a location where they can be interpreted as an educational piece, that if they do remain in place, that they be contextualized.”

Preziosi says more historical information and more context are needed.

The Mayor’s Task Force recommended the Lee statue, its base, and the Confederate monument in the Pioneer Cemetery near the city’s convention center, be loaned or donated — but not sold — to a museum or private, educational institution for display in North Texas.

But the task force suggested historic art at Fair Park which includes confederate images, should remain — because it’s presented as a piece of history.

Still, the task force recommends more signs and markers to provide more context.

That’s someting Preziosi says he strongly agrees with at Fair Park, and even in Pioneer Park, if necessary. “If that stays, there could be additional things added to that to explain about the monuments, why it’s there.”

The panel also recommended renaming five Dallas streets: Gano, Lee, Cabell, Stonewall, and Beauregard.