MANSFIELD (CBS11) – When high school athletes get hurt on the field or in the gym, they don’t want to miss being in the competition.

Families in North Texas are taking advantage of a new clinic helping to get athletes evaluated and on the way to recovery, without delay.

Haley Warmsley is a passionate volleyball player at International Leadership of Texas Arlington-Grand Prairie High School.

Haley Warmsley (Jennifer Lindgren – CBS11)

This season, she was temporarily sidelined from the court due to injury.

“I went up to block on another player and landed on my foot. I rolled my ankle,” Haley explains.

Her primary concern? Getting back to sports.

“I’ll do anything I can to get back on the court!” Haley said.

On her mother’s mind? Making appointments to see a doctor, not missing school and not missing work were higher priorities.

“Initially we had to take her out of school, to try to get worked in at the pediatrician. Ultimately, we didn’t get the information we needed,” her mom, Jacquelyn Minor explains.

But when the family learned about the Black and Blue Sports Injury Clinic — a free, walk-in clinic offered by Methodist Mansfield Medical Center and open on Saturdays — they found the care Haley needed.

“We can help lessen that burden of parents taking time off from work and kids missing school,” said Dr. Jeffrey McDaniel, a sports medicine physician for Methodist.

McDaniel is very familiar with injuries afflicting high school athletes. He works as a team doctor for several local high schools.

McDaniel says he sees a lot of student-athletes who get hurt on Friday nights, who could benefit from non-emergency room care before Monday morning.

The goal is to assess athletes earlier, so they miss less school and playing time.

“If we can get to these athletes at an earlier stage, we can intervene sooner. Start treatment much sooner, which can help reduce swelling, and get them back into a proper rehab program; that can ultimately get them healed faster and ultimately get them back out on the field at a sooner time,” said McDaniel.

To that end, McDaniel and the other physicians at the Black and Blue Clinic are volunteering their time, identifying injuries like sprains, breaks, ACL tears and even concussions.

From football players, to cheer, baseball and volleyball, an average of four to five patients have come in the clinic each week since it opened in mid-September.

When Dr. McDaniel saw Haley one recent weekend, he diagnosed a sprained ankle.

Haley Warmsley’s sprained ankle (Jennifer Lindgren – CBS11)

He sent her home with notes on rehabilitation exercises she could do on her own, to help speed the recovery.

Her mom says in just one visit, the clinic saved the family from going to a pediatrician, an x-ray laboratory and sports rehab center, plus the expense of an insurance copay.

“I’m definitely going to tell my coach,” said Haley.

“I think they sold us on it. They made us a family who is going to spread the word,” said Jacquelyn.

The Methodist Black and Blue Sports Injury Clinic is located at 1718 US 287 Frontage Road #200, in Mansfield.

It is open every Saturday through the end of fall sports season, from 9:00 a.m. to noon.

Walk-ins are welcome and there is no cost for initial assessment.

To learn more, click here. 

Jennifer Lindgren